Party Not Arty presents Soul Destroyers + The Arkensaw Jukebox Collective


' ... a rock-solid rhythm section and a 6 piece horn section that packs more brass than Lilly Savage.' - Gloucester Guildhall Arts Centre

Hold tight because coming right up we have ...

The Soul Destroyers: A 13 piece line up, with 6 awesome horns, 3 singers and a rock solid rhythm section it is an unnatural phenomenon of truly awe-inspiring musical power. More of a tribe than a band, the mighty Soul Destroyers have been playing their mix of cheese tinged, horn driven soul since Adam was a lad - the line up has come and gone, some have drifted into the sunset, some have died, and some have (genuinely), during their reign as 'Best Party Band in Bristol' (Bristol Evening Post/Venue Magazine), been born, grown up and then joined the band!. But the music is only part of the story, think Marvin, Aretha and James Brown all jamming under the influence of laughing gas - all fronted by a stand up comedian with a rasping soul voice and the comedy timing of Peter Kay and you are getting close to a full Soul Destroyers Experience.

And if that wasn't enough, fear not it's just the legendary Arkansaw Jukebox Collective - playing covers just like god intended... bluegrass style!


A seven piece feast that is the Arkansaws (girls, blokes, fiddles,banjos, trumpets - just play what y'brung!) deliver a show stopping performance with covers of very well-known numbers (cue the big sing-a-long!) but with areal twist as they unearth the hidden country heart in EVERY genre of music. Rock, pop, hip-hop, dance, rap - they all get the treatment!

Exceptionally clever re-workings, great playing, lush 4 part harmonies come together to deliver full on foot-stompers all the way and no one gets out without smiling - come on you've always wanted to know what a bluegrass rap sounded like!!


'They came and just blew us away ... even the hardcore folk aficionados were singing along - The Darkness as Bluegrass, genius!' - Lisa Samuels - Director - Bradford Roots Festival